Monday, June 04, 2018

Busy, Busy, Busy

... no time to think.

This week and next week are Mommy Camp, i.e. I must entertain three children for about eleven hours a day. (If I do not entertain them, they start hitting each other.  No, I cannot prevent it; there are three of them and only one of me.)

So far we have done: bike riding practice, baking lessons, summer reading, Nerf playtime with friends, lots of walking, juneberry foraging, and, tomorrow, strawberry picking.  This week there are tennis lessons.  Also, we have been to Walmart four times in four days.  Don't even ask.

In ten days the spouse and I leave for Australia.  So far I have Zenmoo's invaluable travel advice (thank you!!!), a travel charger thing, and a pile of random garments and bags and stuff.

I have indulged in a frenzy of online shopping, by which I mean I have bought things we don't urgently need, such as two rain jackets that don't leak (the last one was from a dumpster at Snooty U, circa 2004; it has had a long life for a free jacket), and two pairs of hiking pants (jeans dry with exceeding slowness).  Considering that the spouse has just received two grants and a large lump-sum payment... it's probably fine.  I just have this nagging guilt/worry about spending money on anything.


  1. You are like Patrick. He's wanted several Raspberry Pi computers for projects for at least a year now, and Finally ordered them last week. These tiny things cost between $5 and $35, he spent perhaps $100 altogether. I spent that much on plants last week... I've taught myself not to feel guilty buying necessities like clothes or food, if we can afford the reasonable things I'm choosing. Also we have budgets for all these categories, and I dislike shopping so we never spend it all.

    OK, perhaps I spend my plant budget. I found potted hollyhocks, morning glories, and nasturtiums yesterday!
    (I spaced planting seeds and it's tough fighting the rabbits to protect seedlings.) The amount of joy plants bring me is worth the money.

    1. I just ordered fancy daffodils for the fall! I am definitely happy every time I see the flowers.

      We don't have a set budget really - I find it pretty irritating so I keep a mental budget instead, and also dislike shopping, so I only get things we need (really need, like: the kids need shoes. I need underwear).

  2. meridith5:38 PM

    I completely understand both the nagging guilt/worry and mommy camp!

    1. It's ridiculous because we have PLENTY of MONEY for things like a *rain jacket*. Maybe one day we'll be rich enough I won't feel guilty, but I doubt it.


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