Sunday, May 27, 2018

Meditations during Rural Travel

Today I went to a medical appointment in the back of beyond.  For reasons.  I made the mistake of using Google Maps, which took me a completely ludicrous way, forgetting that one should NEVER EVER DO THAT HERE.  However, I did drive by the Booker T. Washington National Memorial (at his birthplace) and the "National D-Day Memorial" (inland in the rural South, possibly as a tourist trap for the roaming buses of military-worshipping racist white people we get on the regular). Anyhow, it was bizarre.

(On the way back I stopped at a plant nursery.  Truly, I have a problem. However, now I also have a tomatillo.)

Although we've been here almost five years, the breathtaking beauty never, ever gets old.  And I'm extremely grateful that my wee people are more travel-friendly now - not least because naptime is over forever! - and we can enjoy the outstanding outdoor things this summer for basically the first time ever.

And no matter how trying it is to be home with the kids all summer, I can console myself with the knowledge that in 11.5 weeks, they all go back to school.


  1. It is truly, fantastically lovely there. Picking blueberries in rural VA was probably my favorite part of my last trip there.

    1. That has to be the loveliest blueberry farm in existence! Next time we'll take you hiking up the mountain we just went up yesterday. It was delightful! Everything is better without an infant in the house...


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