Monday, May 14, 2018

Five Minutes of Good Things

In no particular order:
  • My grades are turned in.  I don't have to teach again until AUGUST 28. 
  • Justina Ireland's Dread Nation, which will appear later in a book reviews post, but it was SO GOOD.
  • I went and planted, no joke, four dozen flowering things at Sweetpea's preschool today, and am looking forward to seeing them grow.
  • My mother is coming tomorrow just to do fun things with me.
  • I'm still transcribing things for the Anti-Slavery Manuscripts project and it's neat and I feel I have a valuable skill to offer (I am actually trained in reading holograph letters!)
  • This summer I am taking the children to the beach; none of them has ever seen the ocean (we lived in the Midwest, y'all) and it will be exciting!
  • I finally got my serger working and then I sewed myself a dress from a comfy knit and it was sooooo fast.
  • I BOUGHT MYSELF A TREE PEONY!!!!!! (They were tragically out of the stripey ones but clearly this means I should go back next spring and get another.)
  • I helped a good friend re-design her front yard and we planted it all and it already looks amazing. 
  • I learned of this delightful nursery which sells about 700 varieties of irises.
  • I put together an order of fancy daffodils for me + front-yard-redesign friend.
  • I planted some lovely heirloom beans!  My perennial onions came up and are growing!  (If anyone has an Ito'i onion to sell me.... I tried to order one and they sent me bunching onions instead!) And so are my cucumbers!
  • All the garlics I planted in the fall are growing with great enthusiasm.
  • Someone asked me about what fruit trees to plant and I was able to give them good advice!
  • My apples and my Nanking cherries have set fruit!
  • All my flowers are flowering all over the place and it brings me joy.  I'll post a picture some time.
  • (If all of these seem like they're about plants it's because I really, really love plants.)
What's good with you?


  1. Socal dendrite1:42 PM

    I love plants too! In fact, I'm about to go outside and plant some bean seeds and transplant some watermelons and squash :)

  2. Nicky6:25 PM

    My five minutes of good things:
    *It was rainy and horrible last week so I started cleaning out the closet under my stairs. It's taking forever but I'm doing it right, so I will NEVER have to do this again.
    *I mixed together a dozen sample jars of paint (hooray for clearing off my paint shelf!) and made a nice blue-green with which to paint my closet under the stairs. Then I painted on a whim and finished within an hour, it was awesome.
    *While cleaning, found several things we've already bought replacements for. It was hilarious.
    *Also found adorable pictures of children, and kindergarten journals.
    *Now it's beautiful outside and I have two flats of native plants to put in the ground tomorrow!
    *We're dogsitting for Gil since she'd had surgery, and Rusty is sweet-tempered and quiet. He even pretends that he never gets on the furniture (he only jumps up when no one is in the room.)
    *C2 is playing Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. I no longer have to wait for Patrick to play to watch! I realize I could play it myself, or watch Twitch. I like to side-seat drive whoever is playing.
    *Patrick's neatnik grandmother visited last weekend (with only 1 day's notice), and said how nice the house looks and how clean I keep everything. I told her she wasn't allowed downstairs (where the contents of my closet have spewed over everything).
    *I bought myself a lab-created emerald ring and a donkey's tail succulent for Mother's Day. I am very pleased with my gifts.

    1. Niiice. Especially the cleaning/painting! so satisfying. And, of course, plants are ALWAYS satisfying.


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