Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Fourth Day

I've already had seven students come in for office hours.... and the whole class is 18. This is going to be a LONG semester.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Second Day of Class

I've already had a mildly distressed student in my office, and the quarantined one is still MIA. This is all just... OMG.

Friday, September 10, 2021

First Day of Classes, Again

Last year, I went back to my office and cried; at least this year was better. Everyone is still in masks, but they haven't limited classroom capacities (because everyone was required to submit proof of vaccination). At the same time, one of my students is quarantined with covid, I haven't heard back from them, and it's going to be an unholy mess whenever they actually get back. Also, because clearly I didn't have enough to do, I am taking a programming class with a bunch of undergrads and it is going to be most astoundingly awkward. (I know the professor quite well and he's a friend, to boot.)

Friday, September 03, 2021

Time for the "I Told You So" sign

 Even NZ couldn't keep covid out forever (though their current outbreak of 724 cases to date is called 'a Monday' in practically any US state).

Nevertheless?  I totally told you so

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Anxiety, Embodied

 I thought I was all ready to go for this school year, glad my kids are in school and enthusiastic about teaching.  Everything is ready to go, we have our lunch boxes, I'm doing my lectures....

Yesterday my anxiety arrived embodied in fourteen separate three-packs of masks, from three different stores.  Oops.  Apparently on multiple occasions, I took out my feelings in making sure we had enough masks. (I had meant to order maybe twenty?  Kid 1 has gym first thing and likes to wear a clean one afterwards, and Kid 3 has to leave 10 at school [no, it doesn't actually make any sense], and Kid 2 is always leaving them under the couch or whatever.) 

What am I worried about?  Schools staying open.  Schools not staying open.  Us all, inevitably, getting covid despite being vaccinated.  The FDA refusing to hurry their vaccine approval the !@#$ up despite everything being on fire.  Not finding another job.  Finding another job and moving.  The inevitable disaster this semester will be even with 95% of campus vaccinated.  My kid who lies a lot (it's normal but irritating).  Money.  My grandma.  My stubborn mother and her poor medical decision making.  EVERYTHING.

Anyhow, I have not resolved any of these issues but my family has about 80 masks now and 200 disposables to boot.

Monday, August 16, 2021


 It was better than this last year when they closed schools (admittedly last August they closed schools for TWO CASES A WEEK YES I'M STILL MAD).  And now, lalala, everything's fine?  Is just a little consistency too much to ask?

Monday, August 09, 2021

Here we goooooo


Well, this is going to be a complete !$@%! disaster, and the >3000 undergrads aren't even here yet.  (The 154 per 100,000 represents a total of eight cases, all in a single daycare, last week.  And the owner apparently finally told her employees to get vaccinated or get out. Still.)