Monday, June 11, 2018

More Miscellany Ahead of Departure

Spouse: ... and then, I figure they have public transit.
Me: We are taking FOUR flights literally halfway across the GLOBE, it will take 28 hours, have you considered a TAXI?  Surely they have taxis in Australia.

Preschool, in an email: "So our summer camp director is getting married in three weeks and is... not so much directing summer camp this summer... but we'll all take turns!  It'll be great!  Also last year's director shredded all the paperwork [WHYYYY] so here are four lengthy forms, including one that your doctor must fill out by law, and we need them today.  Thanks!"

Me, unwisely: "Sure, I'll set up all the tech for a new group of the Jews of Our Rural Town, make a website, set up a mailing list, send out two messages, and organize a potluck, all before Friday!  SUUURE."

Me to my mom: "We're out of here!  Good luck!  I left a power of attorney on the fridge; tell me how much I owe you when we get back!"

Later addition from my nervous system: "You know what you really need today? A MIGRAINE."


  1. Taxis exist here! Where are you headed?

    1. Melbourne, then Sydney! Leaving here Friday.

    2. Are you by chance ISSCR-ing? I suspect you need a good reason to visit Melbourne in June.

    3. The spouse is, I am wandering around amusing myself.

  2. I have had the same spousal conversation prior to our trip to France. The taxi was worth every penny!

    Have a wonderful trip! I hope we see pictures after you get back.

  3. Socal dendrite12:34 PM

    Have a wonderful time!


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