Saturday, April 11, 2015

FMB: Assorted Updates

  • I stepped on one of our hazelnut twigs (tree-to-be) and another died in the exceptionally cold winter.  BAH.  
  • The mastitis is maybe... mostly gone?  Something is still not quite right in the nipple area but overall, a big improvement.  I took a third week of antibiotics that I had laying around (not even expired!) without arguing with the doctor about it, because I am officially the World's Worst Patient.
  • I know that many people are not into sleep training but I am counting down the days until this child is old enough that I do NOT have to nurse her all night.
  • That said, she is still sweet and adorable and a complete chub ball and she laughs and cuddles and loves to eat.  Also she thinks her brothers are hilarious, which they find charming.  
  • Today I took a nap.  I kicked everyone else out of the house and SLEPT.
  • Fatigue makes me deeply unsympathetic to my spouse, which I realize is unkind, but... I haven't slept more than a few hours in a row in SIX MONTHS.  So, you lose.
  • Gardening!  So much gardening.  Every afternoon I go work on my flower garden.  Every weekend I go do things at the vegetable garden.
  • Eventually planting season will be over and I will be forced to do housework again.
  • Re: this last, the washer sprung a leak and now requires repair.  You know who really needs a washer?  Three small children and two adults.
  • I have just now restrained myself from late night fruit tree buying.  See my superhuman restraint?
  • I almost never have access to a computer-with-keyboard because the above, plus the kids, suck up all my time.  
  • I must harass the Chem department head about how surely he would like to hire me again in the fall. SURELY.  
  • Because it is amazing to be paid for time away from my children.  


  1. After an embarrassingly large number of late-night fruit tree purchases, I've come to the conclusion one should never purchase things between the hours of 10pm and 7am. It just never ends well. I applaud your superhuman restraint!

    All the gardening sounds lovely, as does the avoidance of housework. I avoided cleaning the floors for the three weeks we were dog sitting while Gil was in Florida. That was a nice excuse. He went home last week and the boys were on spring break, so we tackled a bunch of neglected work. When we weren't incapacitated by strep throat. C1 actually enjoys the flavor of amoxicillin... So weird.

    Surely, they will wish to hire you in the fall!

    1. Seriously. Must... resist... fruit trees....

      Planted more flowers today! If it ever fills in I will send pics. Right now, it's a lot of twiggy things, with mulch.


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