Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Country Living

This week, I am going to teach my friend (and really, she's a very good friend) the right-wing Baptist prepper to make soap.

And, while talking to one of the farmers at the farmers' market today, I agreed to go teach soap making to a bunch of Mormons at their church's preparedness fair next month.

Because who else but the pacifist liberal Jew should do this?  Living here is so strange sometimes.

(When it comes down to it, I enjoy making things, and I enjoy sharing that knowledge with others, and their sometimes-crazy motivations are irrelevant from a functional viewpoint. We don't talk about religion or politics, and everything's fine.)


  1. I believe it is still true that if you put my real name into google images, you will find a pile of soap I made for a class on Ancient Inventions, back in the day. It's marvelously rough hewn, and I got an A.

  2. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Be sure to tell them not to let their spouses accidentally pour it down the drain during the process!

    1. I'd almost forgotten that unfortunate incident. No spouses will be in the vicinity!

  3. Ah, soap. I guess it's common ground for all of us.


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