Tuesday, March 31, 2015

still alive

But trapped in the basement with the baby all the time.  Also, much gardening.

Mastitis is improving, maybe gone.  Nice lactation consultant came by with useful and helpful suggestions.  Cracked nipple (AIEEE!!!) also improving.

Digging many holes and planting things for our large shared vegetable garden, and for my flower garden that is so far a hole in the ground, and round one of the fruit trees, and rooting willows to shore up the banks.  Did I tell you there's a creek in my front yard?  There is.  Also, trying to root several dozen blackberry cuttings from emergency spring pruning of twelve foot escaping canes.  More fun than mastitis for sure.

Hoping this can be the last round of stuffed-up-baby nursing all night for a while.

ETA:  encore performance from blocked duct.  Gaaaaaaaaaah.

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