Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Five Minute Blogging: Were We All THAT Young?

  • I still have four pounds of chestnuts to peel.  ACK.  (From my uncle; both tasty and free.) And then I will go steal more fruit and it will all start again.  Send help!  I can't stop canning things!
  • Because I clearly need more commitments in my life, we have 'adopted' two students from the fine institution at which I teach (Psuedo-Military U).  The idea is that about once a week we'll pick them up and give them a kind word, a hot meal, and a nap.  
  • I picked two young ladies, one of whom is from the Very Far East Of Here, and one of whom is from the Northeast.  I suspect they both have a little culture shock.
  • Maybe I'll be a positive role model!  Pregnant female professor with pearls on!  Ha ha ha. 
  • The cluelessness of the 18-year-old college students!  Seriously.
  • Speaking of which, I tried to (unsuccessfully) hoist my pregnant rear up on a counter so I could reach the blinds in lab, and one of my (male) students was - probably appropriately - all "What are you doing?  Can I give you a hand with that?"
  • I finally got someone to cough up an estimate for Fixing That Big Thing!  It was even reasonable!  It's the husband of a friend!  (He's owns a contracting-and-building business.)  In normal places this would be a terrible idea.  In a small town, where reputation is worth a lot and everyone knows everyone, it's generally fine.  Plus, I know everyone.  
  • The tots are Batman and Robin for Halloween.  Bug wanted his brother to be his little sidekick and I was so tickled that I made them costumes.  (Cape, shirt-with-thing, here's some leggings from Walmart, kiddo).
  • Oh, by the way, it was Tatoe's birthday and he got... a lego set and some whole wheat pear muffins.  Poor deprived second child.  
  • I ate some wheat (and by some I mean four fake oreo cookies' worth) and felt... mildly ill.  But it's getting a little better!  The real test is what will happen when I am not pregnant.  
  • Nine weeks.  I can make it nine weeks.  Right?  Right?  If this baby is late I will be EXTREMELY annoyed.  Third babies are not supposed to be late.*

* I know this isn't really how the world works.  I prefer that she arrive healthy -  but by preference, both healthy and on time.

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