Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Five Minute Blogging: Just Write

  • House projects are driving me crazy, because they are all piled up behind Fix That Big Thing.  I hate coordinating this all, and in consequence I'm worse at it than I would otherwise be.  (Spouse is more or less hopeless; I accept this, and he gets the things I'm hopeless at, like balancing checkbooks.)  
  • So naturally I started painting Tatoe's room.  It looks better already and it's 15% done.
  • And I have a baby present I need to assemble LAST WEEK because that baby is coming any day now. 
  • So naturally I'm refinishing some end tables.
  • And doing things with pears.  This is not entirely my fault; my dad showed up with a cedar chest and two bushels of pears for me.  I had only asked for one of these.
  • The correct response to free fruit is always "Thank you!  How delightful."
  • On the bright side, my children are still alive, everyone gets fed offered a healthy and balanced meal every night for dinner, I am keeping up with the (endlessly boring) grading, and nobody's caught fire in lab yet.  And we've only broken a combined total of $400 of glassware!  (That's peanuts.  And $200 of it was just due to material fatigue.  Last year they did in $6000 just of crucibles.)
  • I had mercy on three of my students and gave them half off instead of a zero.  Dr. S thinks I should have made them suffer.  
  • I can always make them suffer next time they screw up.  Which they will.  
  • I'm eating too much chocolate and gaining too much weight (now a net total of 10 lbs at 30 weeks but still the velocity matters too) and I just can't be bothered to care.


  1. On the weight gain thing, I just cannot be bothered. I was doing great up until about ~34 weeks. The rate was perfect. The past 5 weeks, though, eh. I've gained about 14 lbs. If my doctor isn't remotely concerned (I've been tested/monitored for anything bad that would cause an increase in gain), I just don't even care.

  2. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I'm so happy you can eat chocolate! And hopefully pears... It sounds like you are spinning soem GINORMOUS plates in the air. I wish I could take you away to the land of no allergies and endless sleep and doing whatever you would do with your day if you lived in that land.

    (If you give them a zero next time, they will hate you because you are being inconsistent...They're like toddlers. But I think giving partial credit is a good compromise. My general approach is [not that you need advice from me, but too laaaaate I have already started writing it and can't stop]: small class = dealing with deductions is less work than dealing with whining, large class = the opposite, syllabus is always crystal clear about it.)

    1. Lab sections are capped at 18 so they are ALWAYS small. Kid was prepared to accept an F because that's what it says, crystal-clear, on the syllabus ("I'm not happy about it, but it's fair") and therefore was cheered to receive a whole 50%! But I made it clear that they get one Stupid Pass and then they're up. Siiiiiigh.

  3. Anonymous5:31 PM

    There are studies showing that chocolate may help prevent preeclampsia. Or at least an inverse correlation... so, eat away! It might actually be good for you ;)

  4. I love SO MUCH that you are getting distracted by painting, refinishing end tables, and processing fruit. There are good reasons we are friends. Kudos for keeping up with the feeding of peoples and grading of labs!!

    1. What ELSE would one get distracted by? (Well. By peeling many pounds of chestnuts, as it happens. Subset of free-things-from-trees)


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