Monday, October 13, 2014

Nope nope nope nope nope.

(In which I discuss Food Problems yet again.)

Dear Readers, you will remember that I am allergic to so many foods that I keep a spreadsheet.

The one good thing about being unexpectedly pregnant - aside from a cute baby who may eventually turn into a darling child, of course - is that some of the allergic nonsense has turned itself down a bit. For example, I ate some canned apricots and was okay!  (Then I ate the rest of the can of apricots and I was less okay, but I feel that was my own failure in judgment.)

However, this weekend I ate a small serving of something with tapioca starch in it (one of the things to which I'd had less-severe reactions - not the ones that make me wheeze and have trouble breathing; that seemed ill-advised.)  And I was very much NOT OKAY.  My hope that this will all disappear is apparently premature.

(House work is boring.  Getting trees taken out is boring.  Talking about jobs is inadvisable.  I am still pregnant.  The end.)


  1. Ugh. :( The food allergies thing just sounds horribly awful. I'm glad that being pregnant is helping with *some* things, though.

    1. In some ways I'm grateful that I've had a true dairy allergy for 20 years- you get used to just never eating anything anywhere ever. But I do love apricots. So that's good!


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