Friday, October 31, 2014

It's amazing how little time severe, chronic pain takes to send me into a spiral of fear, depression, and anger.  (About three days, in case you were wondering.)  I won't bore you with an encore recitation of why and how, but there's some serious conditioned response going on here.

Tomorrow I see the midwives (again).  I predict they will a) test me for pre-eclampsia, which will be negative; b) express puzzlement about Weird Headache Shit; and c) suggest a Neti Pot.  At which point I may start throwing things and screaming.  On the bright side, I took half a long-expired vi.codin and did not break out in hives all over!  (I'm also not sure it helped.)

You may also recall that the main reason I didn't want to ever be pregnant again was the two years of illness, pain, and chronic headache.   I seriously can't do this for nine more weeks.


  1. Oh no, I know from close second hand how chronic pain stuff goes.

    Here is a different type of suggestion for you, have you ever tried mindfulness practice. Sounds a bit hokey but is backed up by actual science for dealing with chronic pain among other things.
    To get a quick start - this book

  2. Or the headspace app on iphone.

    Fwiw this catastrophic spiral is common in chronic pain. Little comfort I'm sure but it's not just you


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