Thursday, January 09, 2014

Nothing To See Here

I keep thinking of brilliant things before bed, then falling asleep and forgetting them.  Or while driving, and then having it driven out of my mind by the inevitable pre-lunch tantrum.

We are currently looking at houses.  There is an 'abandoned' one, owned by a bank, on 6.5 acres. With a BONUS EXTRA HOUSE!  I don't know whether to be curious or terrified, or just go look.

We are trying to decide what kind of life we can envision having here, and where.  This house, in Little City, but it's a 45 minute drive?  This other house, in Mountain Town, but it's rather pricey?  This one, way out in the country?

Bug continues to throw three enormous tantrums a day: for the hour before school starts, right before lunch (sometimes averted by a Strategic Snack, but often not), and at 4:45 promptly.  (He won't eat a snack before 4, and I won't give him a snack after 4, and dinner is at 5:15 usually.)  I give up.  He can go scream in his room, generally after throwing a car at his brother and hitting me.  He needs... soccer?  More time outdoors?  More sleep?  I don't care any more.  He can have ALL THE FEELINGS in his room.

Tatoe is cute, but with TWO.  Therefore tantrums.  But still cute.

Errr.... taxes.  Boring dinner-cooking.  Visiting people.  The end.  I will come write something interesting if my brain ever re-engages.

(OH!  I did think of one!  The one that goes: I Borrowed Someone Else's Car And It Got Towed In DC; "Son... have you ever been arrested?"  Another time.  I have to knit my sister a hat.)


  1. I like the sound of that "abandoned" one. I feel like it'd be handy to have an extra house. Hmm, besides the extra maintenance.

    I love looking at houses. Anytime someone tells me they're thinking of moving I want to go search the Internet and find houses they'd like. I really must put the Midwest Utopia Parade of Homes on my calendar for this year.

    Oh, poor little tantrum-throwing Bug. And momma. I have no suggestions, only sympathy. (Because I'm sure you've thought of and tried everything I can come up with.) C1 has been "sensitive" again lately: crying over setbacks in video games, declaring he hates his brother and will never play with him again, complaining about various imagined slights at school. His tonsils are enormous again, his breath is atrocious, and he's been snoring. I'm vacuuming his room today, washing his bedding, and perhaps even dusting. Anything to get rid of the dust mites and associated allergy-induced bad behavior.

    I hope your brain re-engages soon, the perfect property falls into your lap, and your poor little Bug magically transforms into a real boy (or, at least cuts back to one tantrum per day.)

    1. Guest house! Or... something. Dr. S is worried someone's got a meth lab in the basement or something (it's been on the market for almost 2 years). Whatev.

      Poor C1. It's amazing to me how irrational children are when they don't sleep enough.

  2. "ALL THE FEELINGS in his room" made me actually lol. My kiddo acts like that when over tired and/or hungry, but esp overtired. He hasn't been sleeping well at night (asthma, snoring, idk what?) and I'm going to tell him that next time he has a meltdown. You know, tonight.

    1. What is with kids and not sleeping? AIEEEEEE.


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