Sunday, February 20, 2022

Boring and Tedious Adulting

Today, I got to enjoy: installing a light fixture (this involved extensive swearing at both a light bulb, and whomever cut a wrong-sized hole in the ceiling); tracking down a wayward refund from a month ago; disputing a charge with an online company; and in consequence of the last, cancelling my main credit card.  Because fraud in the digital age is relentless.  (This also takes care of a stupid recurring charge that for extremely dumb reasons I couldn't otherwise cancel, so, win-win!)

It's still slightly better than the last time I had to close an account; it turned out a clerk had somehow mysteriously (and probably manually) debited someone else's check from our checking account, which explained why we a) couldn't see the check and b) also didn't remember writing it.

Now I must turn in midterm grades, take children to the dentist, and probably do laundry.  As a child, I definitely imagined adulting as much more exciting than all this...


  1. Ugh. Our credit card has been stolen twice in the last four months or so. I did some googling to see if I could figure out how, but it seems like it's not possible. It's so annoying to deal with changing everything and re-memorizing the number!

    1. I am definitely not looking forward to it! I have no idea how anyone even got into the account from which it was stolen, but now I've deleted everything and gotten a new card, so who knows.


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