Thursday, September 10, 2020

Virtual School +3

 Oldest child, who is in the study with the router, spent much of the day playing online games instead of doing his work.

Middle child's teacher insists he do allllll the math assignments on subtraction despite the fact he can multiply large numbers in his head and already worked through a whole year of math over the summer. (I am about to be unpleasant about this.) Art teacher is distressed we have boycotted Online Art; she also thinks covid has a 10% death rate so I'm not bothered. He did write a story about a lizard, but seems to need some remedial work on punctuation.

Youngest child refuses to talk on camera, at all. We have also boycotted her math lessons in favor of learning real math. PE is also.right out.  I am unconvinced that an hour online with her teacher is just as good as school all day because, in fact, I will not buy your bridge in Florida.

Friday there's no classes but they are supposed to do some work. They mostly did it already, because it was ridiculously easy.

 Current estimate of chances online schools is good: 10% and falling.

Internet still extremely problematic; no adult can work while children do school. Except for the part where an adult must be home at all times, because the youngest is FIVE.


  1. Ugh.

    My small is back at school! Hurrah! Until we get locked down again by the morons we call a government!

    I'm not sure what's worse - your miserable failure to consider infrastructure issues when attempting to run online lessons or our total absence of online lessons. From March until the end of July we had ZERO online lessons. School set assignments for parents to download and print at home. How much paper? How much ink?? Why???

    Then parents had to explain, assist, supervise, encourage, mark, correct, reward and improve. No assignments were submitted to school, no marking done, no feedback. Motivation for kids? Where?

    Oh, and we were both working from home while doing this. Ha!

    A lot of Minecraft was played. And Asterix books read. And David Attenborough educated my small thanks to the marvels of an 8-series box set of documentaries. 72 hours of David Attenborough! The best £40 I spent all year.

    1. Oh, we just had zero school from mid March until this past Monday. children don't do any social, emotional, or intellectual development in school, right?

  2. Anonymous7:56 AM

    You make me feel lucky— it all is really hard here, but mostly makes sense. My son’s first grade teacher had them all writing answers on little dry-erase boards they sent home and holding them up to the camera, and it had my son participating even though he already knew the stuff they were supposed to be learning. And as our local case counts went from 3 a day to 70 a day with the short-lived return of the university, the school is looking very prescient. But I still don’t get any work done while he’s “doing school.”


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