Monday, September 14, 2020

Recent Excellent Reads

 These are all the best, most interesting books I've read recently, some of which I paid real money for and all of which I found delightful.

 Bringing Down the Duke (Evie Dunmore). Smart historical romance. Suffragist meets duke. Real intellectual and romantic conflict ensues. (m/f)

Red, White, and Royal Blue. Hilarious and touching modern royal love story. m/m.

The Boyfriend Project. Go read this immediately. I laughed out loud. It was wonderful. (Modern romance, m/m)

Silver in the Wood and Drowned Country (Emily Tesh). Novella length haunting, unexpected fantasy.

Slippery Things and The Sugared Game (KJ Charles). Mystery! Adventure! Romance!  

Babylon Steel/ Dangerous Gifts (Gaie Sebold). Sci-fi and weirdness, with strong women.

Have you read anything great to recommend to me?


  1. After months of waiting I am finally #1 on the waitlist for Red, White, and Royal Blue...

  2. Author for "The Boyfriend Project"?

    1. Oh wait, I have confused two books. I meant boyfriend material by Alexis Hall.


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