Thursday, August 27, 2020

Stardate: Day 4

 It is the fourth day of the semester. So far I have forgotten the correct protonation state of histidine, a doctor's appointment, and the fact that the babysitter was scheduled for today. All my tech has had serious issues, and now I have a literal migraine. I have gotten seventeen panicked emailed from students. I am currently hiding in the bath while the kids play with the babysitter. I'm helping organize a parent led writing campaign to City Council. And it's only Thursday.

How is YOUR week going? 


  1. Socal dendrite6:03 PM

    Well, I spent 60+ minutes every day last week sitting with an extremely bored kindergartener while we waited for her turn to unmute and show the teacher her drawing...

    1. OHHHHHNO that sounds awful. I just can't. We're gonna end up homeschooling which is my literal last choice in life (I also have one going into K)

    2. Socal dendrite2:44 AM

      Yeah, my head was pretty much exploded by the end. Someone tactfully questioned the teacher about this at the Back to School Zoom (suggesting she maybe split the class into two groups for this activity) and she shut them down, saying that the children will learn from seeing what the others have done. Except that we can't really see what the other children have done at all (because of the teeny tiny fuzzy screen, and the fact that they only show up for a couple of milliseconds before the teacher starts talking again and it reverts to her screen) and anyhow it it 100% not worth sitting through 15 identical drawings of Pete the Cat to get to the one student who did something different. Can you tell I am annoyed about this? Today I played the card game War with my daughter while keeping an ear out for her name to be called...
      Other parts are going better: she enjoys learning the Pledge of Allegiance - and I am getting better at it too (UK citizen here, lol)!

    3. I got it in writing from both principals that my children are obligated to go to zero zoom sessions because of nonsense like this. Why. Whyyyyyy.

    4. Socal dendrite6:05 PM

      Yeah, I'm in the process of figuring out how much we should even try to attend and how to get out of the rest. I am pretty sure we are not obligated and can show attendance by completing work, though ideally I want to get to that point without antagonizing the teacher.

      Fortunately, my second grader's teacher is *amazing*. THANK GOD. I couldn't be more pleased with how she is handling things (a large component is synchronous but she is making it work beautifully: engaging the kids and giving plenty of breaks). Considering putting my Kindergartener into 2nd grade..!


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