Sunday, September 06, 2020

T-2 to Virtual School

 Today I set up the chromebooks and sorted through all the papers and logins for my three children. It took three hours. The kindergarten math work starts with how to write 1-5, which is fine, but 1) there is no assessment to figure out who needs what and 2) my kid is finished with the first grade math curriculum already.  

Meanwhile, I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to figure out what the heck my 6th grader is supposed to be doing.  Also, gym consists entirely of them logging physical activity; I wonder if they've considered firing the gym teacher. And the kids are supposed to be figuring this out themselves? (No, of course not; the parents are supposed to be doing half the teachers'  jobs, for free, while also working.)

Let's see how long we make it, and how little we can get away with doing.


  1. Socal dendrite5:18 PM

    That last line sums me up, too - good luck! I am so so so so happy next week is only 4 days. Since it is a ridiculous 112 F here, our PE log will likely read "rode scooters up and down the hallway while yelling". Do you think they get extra credit for slowly driving the parents insane?

  2. Honestly, better to do gym by logging actual activity. I watched my 6th grader do push ups in front of a live zoom camera with a teacher supervising 40 students while cramped under her desk in her bedroom. From her bedroom window she can see a huge park with grass to move around but isn't allowed to leave the zoom meeting.

    1. Sure, it's better, but also they could just... not! (The middle schooler's gym class wants him to log 150 minutes of physical activity a week. They do not have 150 minutes of gym class. I mean, he does plenty outdoors, but this is all approaching farce.)


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