Wednesday, March 18, 2020

I'm Angry About the Corona virus Shutdown

Let me start by saying that this is absolutely the right public health decision.


Who's the most likely to die? Well, yes, people with other illnesses and disabilities, who I am 100% behind protecting.

Next? Old people. Old people like my mom, who doesn't see why her taxes should be higher so that we can feed the hungry. Old people, who keep voting Republican, who seem fine with taking their government healthcare but repealing ACA protections so the rest of us don't die of asthma or diabetes, or go bankrupt trying to care for our children.

Old people, who won't STAY THE FUCK INSIDE while our whole lives are being upended to protect them. Our parents, who are angry and resentful when we have the audacity to encourage them to get a flu shot, or not go to the store, or skip that vacation to NC next week. Who are complaining that their quilting group of over-70s is cancelled.

Not all old people! (I saw a car full of little old ladies and Democrat candidate stickers at the primary last month; it warmed my heart.) But some part of me still wants to scream at them all for being selfish, entitled assholes while the rest of us work ourselves to the bone trying to juggle jobs, children, and being adults for our childish parents.

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  1. I'm with you. BigBear worries about whether it's OK to go for a rural cycle ride, where he'll see nobody. Meanwhile, groups of old people and meandering round the shops and cafes and f***ing refusing to follow any advice whatsoever.


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