Sunday, March 29, 2020

A PSA: You Will Probably Get Coronavirus

(May not apply in your jurisdiction but sure as hell applies in the US *and* everywhere else with insufficient testing. You cannot control anything transmitted asymptomatically without EITHER extensive testing OR an enforced quarantine. No.)

*gestures helplessly* It's just math at this point, unless you're truly quarantining yourself, as in no take out, no leaving the house, no going to the grocery store, no talking to the neighbors (6 feet isn't enough to prevent 100% of transmission!). Look at the data out of.... everywhere. Look at the huge numbers of symptomatic people not getting tested. Look at a time lapse of the case map in your country.  Consider the idea that public health officials aren't even trying to trace contracts anymore, that there's widespread community transmission.

(We have almost certainly already had it and were extremely lucky that nobody was seriously ill. Either it was from preschool or from the college but either way? Widespread community transmission and at least - AT LEAST!- 50 times the reported incidence.)


  1. Did you lose your sense of smell or taste? As a microbiologist, I'm (1) horrified by the current scenario and certain countries' responses but also (2) fascinated by this virus, because it is SUCH a weird pathogen.

    1. I DID lose my sense of smell!! Also with the fatigue, difficulty breathing, persistent cough, etc. No fever. It's been 2 weeks and the sense of smell is about 80% back. The German case series says only ~50% got a fever.

      As a biochemist I am also utterly horrified by the lack of testing, the fact that qualitative samples are being reported as titers (if you don't standardize it's not a number, yallr), and the astounding lag in producing antibody based testing. And I'm perpetually horrified by Screamy Orange Grandpa.


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