Sunday, January 26, 2020


I was volunteering at a thing this weekend- this it's a college town, so imagine everyone whose there was also well educated.  Mostly it was women over 60, who said in my hearing

* Seltzer will make matzo balls less dense
* Floury things will absorb water faster in the fridge
* The foamy but solid stuff on top of the boiling soup was fat
... and my favorite....
* Putting a lid on a regular pot pressurizes it.

I assume they'd heard these things over the years and never really thought about it.

Without thinking about it too hard, would you know these are all wrong?

[For reference: 1) it gets mixed for 10 minutes, try mixing your seltzer for 10 minutes; 2) ever stirred sugar into iced tea? same principle; 3) it's protein; 4) NO. You get 1atm! ONE! (Unless it's a sealed pot like a pressure cooker.)]

- Possibly these are not bright chickens; I've known one for 5 years and emailed her twice last week and she thinks my name is Jane.


  1. 1) Never made a matzo ball, so it sounded plausible till you mention the stirring
    2) Nothing happens faster in the fridge, other than getting colder.
    3) Foamy but solid fat?
    4) My mother did have this one saucepan where the lid and base suffered differential expansion effects that meant the lid became utterly wedged tight once it was on the heat and it became very perilous to try and prise the lid off. We stopped using that one. But basically, no. And no again.

  2. I... ok. Maybe they're good at other things. My mother-in-law texted my husband last night, "Because of the tilt of the earth, a broom will stand on end today!" *facepalm 🤦‍♀️

    I don't mix my matzo for 10 minutes. Now I feel like I must be doing it wrong. But then, I buy the pre-packaged box of matzo ball soup because that's what my kids will eat.


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