Wednesday, June 29, 2016


... in all the senses.

My yard is still weedy.  The flowers are growing and are very pretty

My job is still in limbo because Outgoing Chair has not yet Outgoed.

The job I don't want has had zero qualified applicants. I am aaalllllmost tempted to apply... but I really don't want to manage conflict for a living.  (Is this better than nothing?  Probably not.)

The children are still children.  I have attempted to solve this by sending them to camp.

My health has reset itself to pre-Sweetpea levels (IRONY ALERT: discovered I was pregnant five days after that first one, though I didn't write about it for a while). It is a work in progress.  I would like to return to 'not in constant pain'.

Everything else is just going along.  Sweetpea is using baby sentences.  Everyone is getting wet and muddy on the regular (creek in middle of front yard). Dr. S has research students as usual.* I have now stayed up too late writing.

* Every humanities faculty member ever: "It must be so HELPFUL to have research students!"
Me: "Have you ever baked cookies with a three year old?  Now imagine four at once."


  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Ah, research students. Similar I think to my volunteers. How could free labour be bad? It is. It just really is. Sigh.


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