Friday, February 05, 2016

Helpful Hint

If you are leaving your stuff behind in a giant heap for others to dispose of for you,

and if one of those things is a computer...

and if you are leaving these things with your family...

... please erase all your Glee erotica fanfic bookmarks first.  PLEASE.


  1. OH DEAR OH DEAR OH DEAR. I suppose as disturbing discoveries go, it could be worse, but...OH DEAR.

    1. Kinky Glee fanfic. At least according to all the bookmark titles. I didn't check.

  2. Ewww.

    As a general principle, I go with delete *all* your bookmarks, just in case. But especially the Glee erotic fanfic. Or any erotic fanfic. Anything erotic actually. Sharing erotica with your siblings? Not a place I want to go.


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