Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Role Reversal

Otherwise Excellent Doctor to me: 'Maybe an ultrasound would be helpful.'

Me: 'Okay, but how would that information change anything we're going to DO?'

OED: '..... good point.'

Running cost of breastfeeding troubles, food not included:
ENT: $150, $40 = $190
Medical visits: $15 x6 = $90
Prescriptions: $15, $15, $50, $15 = $95
Asst. related supplies: $100


Plus food.
May or may not be less expensive than formula but is NOT free. 

(It also transpires that never ending boob problems- in this case, a milk blister that will NOT go away no really no matter what, leading to blocked ducts and/or weekly nipple unblocking with sharp pointy needle, by me- can be helped by applying steroids and antibiotics [triamcinolone and mupirocin], with bandaid, four times a day.  I recommend Curad Truly Ouchless band-aids; several other varieties hurt immensely, left me with peculiar rashes, or were otherwise unsatisfactory. They are latex free; naturally, I am allergic to latex.  I leave this information for the Google Machine and the next poor soul experiencing this problem.)


  1. I sure am going to cheer heartily when you wean that baby and can shout NO MORE NURSING AGAIN EVER! What amazing powers of endurance you have.

    1. All of parenthood: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time.


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