Monday, September 07, 2015

Fruit Stealing Time

Well, it's peach picking time....

Actually, peaches are done here.  But this week I've picked pears and autumn olive.  Apples are coming up soon.  Sadly, the church cut down their grape vine and my friend's seckel tree dropped all its fruit before it was ripe.  But it's definitely canninhg season once again.  There's some escaped callery pears across the road that I'm checking out this afternoon.

Dr. S points out we still have jam from last year. Clearly I need  to make waffles with jam on more often.

 (I only steal fruit from roadsides, public land, public/private spaces*, or places I have  permission.)

* in the US this is a legal category of privately owned land on which the public is freely allowed.  There's a big field with walking trails next door, for example. 


  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    We've been happily stealing fruit for the last few weeks -- we've got blackberries along the river and on the way to my office, plus on that route an apple tree with REALLY sour apples (too sour for me or Gwen, just perfect for Joel), a plum tree, and another tree that I haven't been able to determine if it's a cherry tree or a plum tree, but hey, the fruit is tasty.

    We never get more than a small handful, but it makes for a fun snack for Gwen, and encourages viewing the outdoors as a source of food, a positive side-effect.

    I think Dr. S. is right about more waffles. We make waffles every Sunday that we're home, and we get through jam pretty quickly that way! :)

    1. Jenny F Scientist9:19 AM

      Possibly the many dozen jars of jam are at the root of the problem. But as far as I'm concerned waffles are always the answer!

      On the cherry/plum: how flat are the pits?

  2. 1. I've never heard that song before. Of course I live in the far north, and have hardly any musical knowledge.

    2. Fruit! I'm sure Dr. S feels similarly to Patrick. Why are we compelled to make more preserves when we already have so many? Because we can't let good fruit go to waste! My canning shelf is so full I'm slightly worried it could collapse under the weight. Perhaps I shouldn't stack the 8oz jelly jars.

    3. Cherries and plums can hybridize, and make cherry-plums. Also, there's the Nanking Cherry (ripe in July in WI), which tastes like a cherry but is technically a plum relative.

    1. Jenny F Scientist2:19 PM

      I don't think they have escaped nankings in England though that would be fun!

      Inspired by you and my neighbor D, I am going to make pear vanilla preserves with a little brandy!

    2. I really do think all preserves are better with alcohol. I put brandy in my grape jelly this year.

  3. Foraging is all the rage among hipster foodies. You're a hipster! We have public/private mulberries, quince, and there's an apple tree in our hood in someone's yard--it just kills the babies that they can't pick them. I should get up the courage to ring their doorbell and ask, but ...too shy. Anyway, your canning sounds wonderful.

    1. Jenny F Scientist1:34 PM

      NOOOOOO! Anything but hipster! Besides, my dad and grandpa rescue/rescued all manner of things their whole lives.

      So.... a tree quince or a floweing quince? Because if it's a tree I might have to come move to where you are! And also totally ask! Most people don't even pick their apple trees because they don't spray them and then are surprised or grossed out that BUGS have been at their apples.


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