Friday, September 04, 2015

Miscellaneous, Anniversary edition.

  • Working only once a week is a little surreal.  Three hours a week I am a dressed-up professional and the rest of the time I am a nursing pb&j maker. 
  • Making the above worse, the university it department screwed up royally and I have been unable to access my email from off-campus for two weeks.  And they're not paying me enough to drag my kids over to campus just to check email...
  • Harvested a bushel of pears this evening.  Probably another bushel or two still on the tree, not quite ripe yet.  That's a lot of pears!
  • I need to email my pal with a standard apple tree.  That's also a lot of apples.  
  • It's our anniversary! 8.5 happy years at LEAST!  (We have been married ten years today.  A decade is a long damn time.  Marrying Dr. S remains one of my best life choices.)
  • Dr. S is celebrating by going off to watch a division III football game.
  • I am celebrating by going to bed early.  
  • (We are both not that into Big Dates and are likely to go out sometime this week for a walk or something.  And we're not into presents really.  And sometimes presents show up a month or two late.  My family is infamous for this kind of thing- along with mailing stuff in plain boxes without a note- and Dr. S just doesn't care.  If YOU do of course that is fine. There's a lot of room in the world!  Hell, some people eat lutefisk voluntarily.)


  1. Congrats on the anniversary! And boo to the university it!

  2. Happy anniversary! A decade is quite a milestone. We hit it last year and I was rather impressed with us. And then this year we celebrated eleven, and GOSH. 11 seemed so much bigger a number than 10!

    8.5 years of happiness out of 10 is not a bad rate at all. We met as graduate students and were graduate students the first 5 years of married life / 7 of relationship, so I'm not sure we have gotten 8.5/11. Graduate school just isn't a very happy time of life.

    [still not letting me post as ...}

  3. Happy Anniversary! Patrick and I agree with you on the celebrations, etc. though he does like presents and I usually try to find him something.

    Earlier this week I made plum rum jam, probably the last batch of jam of the year (That noise you hear is Patrick in the background saying, "Thank God!"). This week two different friends gave me a box of apples, so I made 4 gallons of applesauce. The same day I had a bunch of tomatoes and peppers languishing on my counter, so I made salsa. I used every single pint jar in the house, 5 pint jars someone had returned that morning, then went to St. Vinny's to pick up a dozen more, and also filled them all. (Mostly with applesauce. Only 4 pints of salsa.)

    Now our air conditioning is broken, and pears aren't even ripe yet. Perhaps I can get it fixed before its time to can pears.

    Also, I should mail you the plum rum jam, it is excellent. I forgot to try adding tequila to my batch of salsa. Perhaps I'll need to make another batch to test my "everything is better with alcohol" theory.

    1. Jenny F Scientist5:29 PM

      1) yum; 2) my dear spouse gave me the gift of more tree budget. How well he knows me.

  4. Happy anniversary! 10 years is impressive, as are all the other things you're up to.


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