Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week of Peevishness 2

#2: things I haven't said to Sister 2 but want to:

"You were an annoying little shit for pretty much all the years of your first marriage.  Let's not do that again, mmmmkay?"

"Do you remember all those screeds on Americans Are So Materialistic while you stuff your two suitcases per person, or just while going through Customs?"

"If you ever send me those screeds again I'm going to retaliate with 'Israelis* are so hypocritical' and 'Nobody gets to criticize American racism unless they live here because you don't know what it's like'.**  Seriously, let's NOT do that again."

And what would YOU like to say to your relatives?

* I don't actually believe this.  Making a point about her past behavior.
** Likewise!  'Nobody gets to criticize Israel's (racist, apartheid, illegal) treatment of Palestinians because you don't live here.'. Mmm, right. 


  1. Um. I shouldn't. Even though it is highly unlikely my sister would ever end up here, I shouldn't. Not out loud.

    I'll just state that 7 kids is a lot of kids.

    1. Jenny F Scientist9:28 AM

      I'll use my imagination. I will also NOT say any of the things I am thinking and will add that yes! Seven kids IS a lot! Hell, three is a lot! I was aiming for two!

    2. Yeah. So far, one is doing me just fine!


  2. SNORT. Of the Israelis I know, several are lovely, but several are appalling bigots. ZOWIE. Although I think they may just say aloud the racist things that many Americans believe... Anyway, perhaps: "it's fine if you choose to pursue your dream of becoming a famous screenwriter into your thirties, but don't complain about being poor."

  3. "Who appointed you Queen of the World and Dictator of Everything We Do?" Yeah, I'm not going to be saying that anytime soon. Families eh? I'd like to hold interview panels for appointing acceptable members to my family, and occasional rounds of redundancy for those who fail to perform adequately.


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