Monday, August 24, 2015

FMB: Assorted Life Stuff

  • We all survived the wedding.  And I totally got bingo.  Also, I seem to have run right out of patience with how poorly my mother deals with feelings.  Helpful hint: lashing out is not productive. 
  • Related: the Deeply Offensive Thing that Sister 2 said when she left the country was "There's nobody we really care about here." (It's only been 10 years, why do you ask?). Sister 3 appears to be going for Deeply Stupid Things, including "I had mom tell you because I didn't want to damage our relationship and I'm not good at feelings.". Well, 1) totally opposite effect and 2) at 25, it's time to LEARN.  Difficult conversations don't exactly come easily to anyone.  
  • Sweetpea has suddenly learned to crawl, pull up, stand, pull things off tables, and get into cabinets.  Trouble!
  • I am teaching one section of Pseudo Military Lab.  I have feelings about the chair.  But the baby is done nursing, so they'll have to wait for later.


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Yep. That's why hard things are called hard things.

    In the process of easing out of denial about the semester starting. I don't have a syllabus, but I do have an attendance list -- at no small cost to my blood pressure, given how many Massive Institution websites this involved refreshing my acquaintance with. (You have to change your password. That will take two minutes to process. Oh, sorry, it's been five minutes, but you did not adhere to a pointless [really -- Ed.] password rule we never told you about. You have to change your password. That will take two minutes to process....)

    1. Adulthood is full of hard things, including that whole thing called Choices You Make Will Hurt Other People And You Have To Deal With The Consequences.

      I had to call the help desk last time my password expired. Because it's a state school, and therefore Bureaucracy. Fortunately it is a small school, so the help desk actually helped me.

      There was an unfortunate week where I had a class roster but no contract, but it transpired it had gotten lost in the USPS forwarding system, so I went and signed it again (one of the advantages of small town life- though there are many disadvantages - I drove up and popped in and the whole thing took 15 minutes including travel time and loading/unloading/loading/unloading a 3 year old and a baby).

      I totally have the easiest adjuncting gig ever. They make the syllabus and do all the lab prep and I literally show up and then grade for like 15 minutes a week. I don't even have to take attendance: the students are required to do it themselves. Also they get the equivalent of detention for skipping class, so they... don't.

  2. I'm psyched you survived (though from your most recent post, it sounds like the horrible followed you home! Yay! and have a teaching gig this semester. It sounds manageable, and like it will provide a respite. Learning to deal with hard things can be a bit of a process, and I'll admit that at 25 I was not GREAT, and when I look back in 10 years I'll say the same about 35, so maybe there's hope for Sister 3. Sounds like you're not putting up with her shit, which is a good way to help her get there.


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