Thursday, August 27, 2015

Owing to Circumstances Beyond Our Control

I'm going to have to confine my remarks to things NOT having to do with my multitudinous feelings.

Item: I continue to loathe all persons asserting that science has no value or validity in their lives, and who have nonetheless not died of dental abscesses, measles, smallpox, pneumonia, or asthma.

Item: I am going to have to uninvite the anti-vaccine person from playgroup and, contrary to what people may think, I do not actually enjoy being mean.

Item: Bug has now gone to 4.5 days of school and continues to be a crazed weasel afterwards.

Item: Sweetpea almost has a nap schedule.  I usually get 90 minutes alone.  In that time I can either do yoga, make dinner, or eat lunch, but only one.  This is not ideal.

Item: Next week I return to working... all of three hours per week.

Item: I am contemplating joining the Y solely for the childcare.  Because then I might get exercise. (Many repeated  joint injuries make running inadvisable.)  This is especially trying given that I have free access to two gyms AND a set of fitness classes.  But.... childcare.

Item: The Headache of Doom continues.  I begin to wonder if perhaps I should seek medical advice.  Do you suppose they'd give me more narcotics if I ask nicely?


  1. Childcare! Join the Y. I realize you hate to spend money when you don't have to, but calculate how much it would cost to hire a babysitter for children a few times a week. I think you'll find the cost of the Y is less.

    Thanks to the many complaints of my likely-addicted FIL, they're really cracking down on the prescriptions of narcotics. I can't begin to count the number of times he has told me in the last 10 years, "I've never felt pain like this in my life. You just can't imagine." The doctor recommended physical therapy, but they can't get him to it twice a week because it's an hour away and he can't drive. "I don't need it anyway, I get plenty of exercise digging, cutting brush, blah blah blah." Oh, in-laws! On the upside, you'd probably require a small dose.

    Napping schedule! A few hours of work, away from children and seeing other (technically) adults! I'm looking forward to school starting next week. I apparently have grand plans to redecorate/redistribute stuff in my living room before all my church friends come over September 10th for our monthly ladies evening. (They are lovely, accepting people and wouldn't mind if I were a hoarder. Yet, I could use this impulse to make things pretty.) Patrick worries I'm being hasty. I want 12' curtains in my vaulted living room. And yet, next week is Large Influx of Customers Week, and his complicated customer has an upgrade in 3 weeks. "I'm dying, and you're asking me about curtain colors." I suppose he has a point, I probably do not need new curtains next week.

  2. Jenny F Scientist1:18 PM

    The Y's dues are $44 a month! That would buy a very small amount of childcare, it's true.

    All I want is to be able to sleep. So, yeah. That said, I looked back through my blog complaining and I have had this headache for three months -this time. And all of Sweetpea's pregnancy too. Siiiiigh.

    The curtains would be lovely! But he has a point about how perhaps he cannoy care about them at this moment. Evil Empire is a circus at the best of times; Huge Meeting and an upgrade together are pretty killer! Dr. S has been excused from all color consultations forever, so I don't even bother to ask any more. I applaud your useful direction of the decorating impulse. :-)


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