Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow. Week.

Dear Readers, school has been closed all week.  If I wanted to be with my darling children all day, then a) I would be better set up for it than I am, which is not at all, and b) I would homeschool.

I have nothing else to say - nothing that isn't terribly whiny, that is.  But perhaps, while it ices/snows/rains all weekend, I will process my incoherent thoughts on: my friend/neighbor who's expecting her first, and about whom I'm a little worried (family all abroad, not enough support, etc; possibly echoes of me doing basically the same thing with my first and being miserable); the endless HITTING in which my sweet children engage; crazy people who think there's going to be the  Republican equivalent of a zombie apocalypse; crazy people, highly overlapping with above, who think that 'natural antibiotics' are actually a thing worth pursuing; crazy people, whom I otherwise like, who have contracted a completely scientifically inaccurate fear of GMOs (FFS, eating DNA doesn't hurt you); how much I miss having a job to go to every day for a few hours; all the housework that isn't getting done.

And now I hear the baby crying.

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  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    My children...FUCK, probably SOME of my children, since they don't take fetuses (*pauses to cry*) will be starting preschool in the fall and I was adding all the days with no school scheduled to my calendar--about a million of them. And when I think about all the unscheduled ones...

    You might enjoy the paper I just read: Neuroendocrinology of Parental Response to Baby-Cry. It's got a great figure. Plus the phrase "baby-cry" more times than you could ever dream of.


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