Thursday, January 01, 2015

And HAPPY New Year To You, Too.

Baby girl.

12/31, late at night:

10:45: Water breaks dramatically, movie-fashion.
11:00: I conclude that I am not going to be able to sleep through this.  I start timing contractions. 4 minutes.  7 minutes.  4 minutes.  I get up.  2 minutes, 2 minutes... I lay down.  4 minutes.
12:00: I think, "Perhaps I can lay here in peace for a while before we have to drive to the hospital."
1:00: I think, "Perhaps I am completely irrational.  Because I am in labor.  Maybe I should call them."
1:02: L&D advises me to come in an hour ago.
2:30: We finally get there after waking up friends, having them come over to watch the children,  driving 45 minutes, and going to the poorly-marked, wrong, locked entrance - twice.
2:45: Two minutes apart and doubled up.  I insist that I want an epidural NOW.  NOW NOW NOW. My favorite midwife is there.  She is dubious (and pretty sure this baby is coming out really soon) but willing.
3:00: Someone asks me "Can you state your full name and date of birth?"  I think about it briefly, and say "NO."
3:10: The platelet count is done, the anesthesiologist arrives and tries to informed-consent me, then I sit up so he can stick a needle in my back.
3:13: He sticks a needle in my back.
3:18: The baby is born after three VERY intense minutes and no damn epidural.  However, my favorite midwife is the most awesome and nothing tears and she's fine and thank GOD I am not pregnant any more.


  1. I am a total stranger who stumbled across your blog some time ago... Just wanted to say Congratulations!!!!! Mazel Tov!!!!! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Ditto. I love the blog and I'm thrilled for you both about the baby and the no-longer-pregnantness!

  3. Exactly the sort of post I want to read when awake at 4am in insomnia. Congratulations! She looks like a sweetie.

  4. Welcome, Baby Girl!

  5. Congrats!! I'm glad that you're no longer pregnant and everyone is well!

  6. I just love it when other people have babies! Fabulous news, huge congratulations all the way from Singapore! Hope you're all doing well xxx

  7. Hooray! Have been reading for a while without ever quite commenting, but am delurking for a big cheer for you and Baby Girl. Hope whatever feeding you choose goes smoothly and un-criticised.

  8. Congratulations!!! Glad she didn't wait for TOO long to show! Lots of hugs to you and your family, and YAY for not being pregnant anymore!

  9. warm congrats to you, Jenny. She is beautiful. And you are so not pregnant anymore. YEAH!

  10. Hooray and congratulations!!

  11. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! She's HERE! She's so lovely, a total paragon of newborn-ness! The ear! The fingers! I just want to kiss her all over with my disease-ridden face.

    Congratulations. I love the story. I hope the anesthesiologist got to cut the cord. And I hope you are feeling okay, and able to remember your name.

  12. NYKaren2:47 AM

    Congratulations! I hope you're feeling better!

  13. Zenmoo6:25 PM

    I'm late to the party - but congratulations! And hurrah for not being pregnant. I hope everyone has been holding it together for you for the last couple of weeks.


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