Thursday, August 21, 2014

Items In Extremely Brief

  • I have been faculty oriented.  It was weird, not least because what I really want to know is, who has my office key?  None of those people, for sure.  The head of the university is a prize horse's rear end and I hope he gets his horse's rear end fired SOOOOOON.
  • But!  Very many of their new TT faculty hires are female!  So, progress.
  • Also, when did I turn into someone who makes sure to chat with all the other new hires and ask about their pets/ houses/ children/ spouses?  I still have this image of myself as weird, nerdy, and shy.  Possibly... not entirely accurate.  
  • We have moved into our new house.  Dr. S has taken the children away for the weekend so I can paint (and paint, and paint).
  • It has ANTS.  THE SOUTH.
  • Fortunately we have tubes of this doubtless horrible stuff, and now they are crawling out of the walls to die, twitching, in the middle of all the floors.  This is only a lot disturbing.  But!  Better than alive!
  • (Yes, I know about all the ways to kill ants that don't involve Better Things From DuPont.  They don't really work when you have three colonies of giant black ants in your walls.  In the South.  Trust me on this one.  Boric acid: not gonna cut it.)
  • Speaking of DuPont, let me not miss this opportunity to, once again, remind you of their cellophane ads.  
  • Er... I need to go to bed so I can do this all again tomorrow. 

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