Monday, December 30, 2013

More Unsolicited Advice

When you are, in an ill-advised fashion, driving to a Major Urban Area the day after Christmas- an urban area famed for its terrible traffic...

... and you have already heard reports of TWO cars ON FIRE along your route...

... plus a collision between a bus and a passenger van...

... and you see five fire trucks, an ambulance, and the fire chief all go by within three minutes...

... you should just turn around and go home.

(I didn't.)


  1. that sounds miserable. I hope you are not still stuck there on the highway, writing this from your phone.

    1. I made it eventually for a lovely dinner with old friends. However, it did take me 4.25 hours to go 90 miles. I eventually called my sister, and she gave me directions to detour through Town 20 Miles Away. AIEEEE.


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