Monday, October 14, 2013

Two Things, Including Whiplash

1) Mysteriously, my time is dribbling down a vortex, never to be seen again.  In the interests of familial harmony, I mainly keep the computer off when the kids are awake, but then... I have this Halloween costume to finish for Bug, and these two baby blankets to knit, and all these pears to finish canning, and some sauerkraut to make, and at some point I want to drag out all my canning and take a picture so you can all gasp in amazed horror, and I have to take Bug to school/ get Bug from school/ take Tatoe to storytime/ get allergy shots/ buy groceries/ pay bills/ clean the house*.  Anyhow.  I have run out of blog posts. There will be randomness!

2) When I lived in Snooty Town, I knew a very, very attractive woman with this classic Snow White coloring.  (She did not eat any poisoned apples, to my knowledge.)  She married the wealthy, well-looking (male) scion of a wealthy, well-looking Snooty U family.  (They managed the endowment.)  A few years later, they divorced and she moved to the Uttermost West.

I just learned that she has remarried... a very butch woman.  And, while I wish them every happiness together:  Whiplash.

(If I'd heard anything about her in the intervening eight years it might have been less of a surprise.)

* Presently the subject of much spousal disagreement.  We both feel rather put-upon.  Dr. S got to iron his own damn shirts this week. 

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  1. Ever since the "efficiency" discussion, I've been seriously considering logging my time. I spent 2 hours yesterday making a meal plan, grocery list, and then going shopping. It took me 1 hr today to move all the laundry and sort it. But then, I get tired and take a nap and think, "Hmmm, better not." Patrick has been feeling bad about that "efficient use of time" comment, and has done dishes, changed sheets, and complimented me every night on cooking the dinner (even if it is hot dogs and tater tots). Damn right.


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