Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

For all my deep-seated ambivalence about living in Mountain Town, I have to say:

I love how people dress here.

There are two institutions of higher learning in town.  At one, everyone wears a uniform.  The uniforms are hilarious.  The dress uniform hats are covered in gently waving black feathers.  They all take themselves very seriously and say "ma'am".

At the other one, everyone dresses like the Lands' End, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, and Brooks Brothers catalogs got put in a blender.  I have never seen grown men wearing maroon pants before.  The number of probably-straight dudes* wearing pink shorts in a non-ironic fashion boggles the mind.  I saw a professor in a blue-and-white pinstripe shirt, striped belt, and brown suede saddle shoes today.  The young women suffer from a regrettable plague of Leggings Are Not Pants, but I've also seen a lot of odd-colored trousers (what is it with ankle pants and women in the South?) and truly amusing outfits.  I really need to start taking pictures.

Anyhow. The South.  Lord love 'em.

* Statistically speaking, it's unlikely that half the male students could possibly be gay.  


  1. Patrick said many young women at Bicycle Company suffer from the Leggings Are Not Pants trend as well. He feels he's become somewhat of a fashion critic, and reports the most outrageous offenses against fashion at least a couple times a week. I haven't heard reports of men wearing pink shorts or maroon pants, but it's likely Patrick isn't as interested in observing the males of the Bicycle Company.

    Kids these days.

    I entertain myself in observing the parents at C1's elementary school. A bearded, overweight man in a hooded sweatshirt with a Superman logo on the front picked up his kindergartener yesterday. "Bicycle Company," I thought to myself.

    1. I don't think I ever saw any duded in pink shorts there. It's a southern thing. Along with amazing quantities of seersucker and... basically everything you thought you'd never see outside a catalog.

      This just in: Leggings Still Not Pants.

      Is that skinny blonde chick who wears saris still there? Because, weird. I think she worked in the Walking Bicycle division with P.

  2. Pictures please!

    1. I keep forgetting my camera! Also, it will make my location *instantly* apparent to the two people in the world who haven't yet guessed. But I'm totally going to take pictures anyways.

  3. I have to admit, I do love a man in pink. Showing my roots, I know.

    Ankle Pants And The Southern Lady. Someone needs to write this dissertation, because SO TRUE. With coordinating sweater and headband, in my experience.

  4. Anonymous8:58 PM

    I fear that odd colored pants may just be THE FASHION. Not that I would know.


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