Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jobs. Jobs? Jobs!! ACK JOBS.

So I'm looking for a job.  Kind of.  But only a really good job.

Reading job ads is like career counseling for me.  No; no; maybe; HELL NO; that salary is laughable; you couldn't pay me enough; NO NO NO; very appealing but not full-time; NO.

This is what I've gottenso far:  I don't really need a job.  My nebulous,yet well-founded, fear that I should work soon or I'll never find a job?  It is insufficient inducement to take just any job.  I want something interesting, well-paid (reflecting both my FancyPants PhD and my years at Bicycle Company, as well as other various skills including bossing/herding groups of cats scientists, nerds, and programmers around), and that will further my long-term goals.  I will not work as a bicycle mechanic, because it's a poorly-paid dead end.  I literally shudder with revulsion when I see research scientist (labwork) positions.  (This tells me that, in fact,  you couldn't pay me enough.)  College teaching positions of various kinds inspire a resounding MEH.

On the other hand, grant management, research effectiveness, project management, and Bicycle Company management all do interest me.  There are a couple openings that would be great - an hour away.  And, thinking about it, I realize that I would not commute two hours a day.  (I applied for it anyways. If I am not the best-qualified applicant they have, I will eat my best hat, with mustard.*)

Also, I realize that possibly, I should look into MBA/ MPM -type stuff.  Because I am a big ol' bossypants.

* Look, I don't go in for false modesty; unless there's another former Bicycle Company employee around here, it's true.   


  1. I hope the perfect job emerges from the wanted ads or workopolis or whatever. And an hour commute each way sucks big time. That's at least how long my commute is and I HATE it. So you are wise to say no.

  2. I completely get your ACK! And you couldn't pay me enough.

    I'm trying not to be picky what with my unreasonable geographical states (I know, I know, limiting myself to an entire state is so unreasonable! How dare I want to be around family! I am so uncommited to science./end rant)

    I did get a masters in management after undergrad (before I made the dubious decision of going to get my PhD in biochem). If you decide to go that route, please blog about it. If it's anything like my program, it will be hilarious. (It is/was a useful program, but business school types are often full of the hilarity/BS.)


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