Monday, September 30, 2013

From the Other Side

As part of this whole Visiting Professor gig,* I got Dr. S a new business-casual wardrobe.**  He'd been working in a lab for the previous 12 years straight, where one does not wear dress shirts and khakis, like, ever, and in the intervening 12 years, even occasional wearing of nice clothes will wear them out.  So he has all these nice, color-coordinated, stylish outfits.

I have a bunch of stuff from the Dig And Save.

I remember being a college student and wondering why these good-looking, nicely dressed professors*** had spouses who looked like total schlubs. Well, now I'm the one with the tatty shirts, no make-up, and an unfortunate haircut.  So I'm pretty sure they, like me, didn't have the time, money, or energy to dress up for no reason.

* Seriously.  Was I drinking when I agreed to this?
** Mandatory attire for lecture: shirt, tie, dress pants.  Blazer optional.
*** Of any gender.


  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    I had one English professor (an older gentleman close to retirement age) who always showed up extremely nattily dressed -- nice suits beautifully pressed, matching suede shoes, cute bowties -- except one day, when he turned up looking like he didn't know up from down with his clothes. We all figured that his wife must've been out of town or ill and he'd had to chose his own outfit.

    Is the wearing of ties and sport jackets for lecturing a South thing? Because none of my colleagues dress like that for teaching.

    1. It is VERY a South thing. Within recent memory, students at Old South State were required to wear a blazer and tie TO CLASS (or skirt and pearls, if female). I do actually pick out Dr. S's outfits - because he's partly colorblind, if he does it, well, it looks like someone colorblind dressed him. :)

  2. Anonymous9:23 PM

    WOAH. Sorry, got caught up in the required to wear a blazer part...

    I applaud you for looking after the style of the spouse. I decided to sop buying my spouse clothing, and now he looks like crap all the time. I hope when you get a job he gets you all kinds of super fine color-blind-selected outfits.

    1. The blazer thing can be filed under OH GOD THE SOUTH but also it's a little bit charming. I mean, the daytime bowtie lives on here.

      But anyhow. The clothing thing is part of the Marital Agreement, filed under 'things my spouse hates to do and I don't care'. Plus, colorblind.


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