Monday, July 15, 2013

Oh, Yes, That

We went up and spent a delightful morning with our family friend (I'll call her Lara), totting about at the park, feeding the ducks- it costs a nickel and is highly entertaining- letting the boys have a cupcake for lunch, and petting their very tolerant cat.  (Tatoe stepped on his tail by accident and the cat just let out a plaintive meow.) Next week we are planning to meet up at the blackberry-picking place/yarn shop (!).  On the 45-minute drive home I thought, "Oh, right. This is what I wanted."

If I knew we would be here long-term I would deal with the rural-tastic-ness of it all.  The Walmart does, after all, stock capers, artichoke hearts, pitted kalamata olives, and rice milk.  It's like a yuppie co-op collided with the local ammo store.  And every time I drive up the highway and see those mountains wreathed in clouds, everything feels just right.  But I'm projecting the uncertainty of where-will-we-be-next-year onto everything else, and taking my angst out on the Walmart.

Also, I see why it's hard for them to get good faculty: there is fuck-all for the faculty's partners to do around here.

Side note: The town's official-tourist-brochure motto is "More than you'd expect".  What, "and less than you'd hoped for?"


  1. well, working for the tourist bureau rewriting the slogans might be a job for one of the spouses.
    Glad you have friends who will gladly meet you at the blackberry/yarn place. It sounds delightful.

    1. My neighbor is a faculty spouse whose profession is nonprofit publicity/fundraising. I suggested they should hire her. She pretty much laughed her ass off at the slogan. :)


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