Monday, July 22, 2013

Extremely Brief, Assorted

  • Dear Dr. Glum Bunny, I have not forgotten your question on soy, but neither have I finished it.
  • We take the kids hiking every Sunday morning.  This morning Bug whined for the entire hour.  WHY?  WHY?   It wasn't the trail, which was FLAT.
  • I also discovered an enormous stand of autumn olive - hundreds of shrubs.  Jam!  So much jam!  (In the autumn, naturally.)
  • This place may be lacking in conveniences of one kind and another, but it is very well equipped with natural beauty, hiking trails, and edible wild plants.
  • Then we unwisely made a TJ's pilgrimage (over an hour away).  OOOOOH boy are we never doing that with the kids again.
  • The house closing is, God willing, a week from today.  Please, I want my $82,000 back.  
  • Here is, temporarily, a picture of me with my fancy hat.  (Because it is my blog and I can show off if I want to, dammit.)  I think I look nice, but possibly like I was attending a different wedding from everyone else.  Dress courtesy of Nicole.  Screaming, exhausted children: not pictured.
(Here is now a picture of fancy hat without me.)


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Lovely, and you don't look like you were being haunted by screaming exhausted children at all!

  2. I love that hat!

    Good luck with the house closing and I am jealous of you with he hiking places.

  3. I say hikes are good for children. Let them whine all they want.
    Also, your look absolutely fabulous in your gorgeous hat.

  4. You look great with that awesome hat!
    The jam also sounds wonderful.
    There was always whining when my parents went hiking with us, maybe that's a built-in feature. I was thinking about one of these backpack-type baby carriers, but now that we're having twins I may need to re-think that strategy... (the husband isn't much into hiking to begin with, much less extra weight to carry).

    1. WHAT YOU'RE HAVING TWINS OMG THAT'S FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Can I knit you a pair of matching adorable little hats? When are you due???

      We have a Kelty Whatever (got it used for $60) and I find it extremely uncomfortable but the spouse likes it. It balances most of the weight on the shoulders...

    2. Matching hats would be wonderful, thank you :)
      I'm due in February (technically at the end of the month, but with twins it could well be earlier).

      For the carrier it's probably a good idea to wait -- I love some backpacks, but not others. If your kids outgrow yours let me know ;)

    3. Wonderful! I have some wee socks too that have been sitting around waiting for babies to put them on!

      Do you know Sara H S in real life? (She's on FB). Boy twins, a couple months older than Tatoe - so almost two.

    4. "Real life" would be exaggerated, but from her other blog way way back. Will check on FB, thanks for the hint!

      Socks, obviously, are awesome too :)

  5. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Love the hat!!!!
    --Neighbor Lady

  6. Daisy7:39 PM

    Great picture!!! Awesome hat :)


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