Saturday, May 25, 2013

Internet Yentes With 100%* Success

The people here, that Belle and I tried to set up?  They're getting MARRIED!  In AUGUST!


(In all honesty, it's not like we were thinking "Clearly, soulmates."  I don't know what Belle was thinking, but I was thinking hey!  You're both single and in the Uttermost Frozen North!  You both like books!   I've been on worse dates!  Here's an introductory email!  They eventually ran into each other at a party - I think - and managed the rest themselves.)

All the same, I am ridiculously delighted.  It's nice to have a tiny part in spreading some happiness around.  I wish them both a long, happy life together with lots of exuberant dogs and fat babies.

(I don't think I can go.  It would take me about 24 hours just to get there, one way, from Mountain Town.  And Tatoe has terrible separation anxiety right now, even if I leave him with Dr. S, his own father.  Alas. I very much hope Dr. S and I can take a vacation there next summer though.  In fact, I am going to try to convince him, and then start saving up.  Then we could stop in some connecting city, wander about, see some friends and sights, and fly the rest of the way the next day.  And stay longer than a day.)

Dear Universe:  Please now arrange for Belle to meet to a kind, compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful, single, passionately-interested-in-her person of the male persuasion, somewhere around his thirties, who also lives conveniently near the southwest corner of Canada.  Thank you.

*i.e. one try, one success.

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  1. August is soon! Too bad you can't go, but I'm sure next year you will have a lovely vacation with Dr. S. to Uttermost Frozen North. I'm sure the people there believe Cold State is practically tropical.

    Oh, Tatoe. 90% of the time, he pretends he's sad when you leave and then, "Oh, look, a TOY!" The other 10%, he's teething and/or ready for a nap and would be crying anyway.


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