Monday, May 27, 2013


Bug, as you may remember, was born at a free-standing birth center, in a tub, with midwives.  The first time, I wanted to trust my medical people were providing only necessary interventions, because I had no idea what I was doing, on account of I'd never had a baby before.  They didn't, and it was no more scary than births generally are (moderate amount of pain, blood, and confusion, followed by BABY!, and what-do-you-mean-golfball, but that's normal too).

Tatoe, due to insurance changes, was born in a hospital.  I asked for an epidural ("They can come whenever you want."  "NOW.  Five minutes ago."*) and was very happy to have it and got pitocin and a lot of monitoring.  I ignored everything everyone was telling me unless it had to do with the baby's safety (don't tell me when to push, but yes, I will let you readjust the heart monitor seventeen times) and made them give me a pacifier for the kid.  (He spit it out immediately. Nipple confusion my FOOT!)

You know what?  Both my children were - thank God! - born healthy, their births were relatively easy, everyone was safe, and I am perfectly content with all the things that were my choices to make.  Both completely different times.

So what I'm trying to tell you is that I now find myself equally annoyed by people who maintain that unmedicated homebirths are the only way to go, AND by people who maintain that everyone should be continuously monitored in hospitals.

*In no small part because I had been in labor FOR A WEEK.

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