Thursday, April 11, 2013

Failure To Compromise

Tatoe now takes one nap, around 11:30 or noon or 1 or whenever I manage (sorry, kid).

Bug goes to school 11:30-2:30 four days a week, with mandatory "quiet time" after school, and appears to be refusing to nap, except when he does.  However, last week when I tried to go the grocery store (out of everything but pasta, cheese, and onions!) it was a 30-minute-scream-a-thon at a quick march.  He fell asleep the minute we got home.  

Monday, Bug enjoyed a lengthy exile on the back porch with a ride-on tractor (it's 60 degrees and sunny) because Tatoe fell asleep and Bug had an emotional breakdown, kicked, thumped, and threatened to wake  his brother, at which point my head would probably explode.

In theory, this would be a great opportunity for Mama-Bug time.  In practice, after seventeen repetitions of "You may not grab things out of your brother's hands... okay, it's confiscated", I have no further desire to interact.  Also I have THINGS TO DO.  He's been extraordinarily unpleasant this past.... year... and frankly, my desire to 'manage transitions' shrinks every time he throws a 45-minute tantrum because he asked for one cookie, I gave him one cookie, and now the gods-damned cookie is gone and you can have another cookie tomorrow.  "NO!  Not tomorrow!"  Fine, not tomorrow!  Possibly never again!  (It's not the sugar.  He's had screaming tantrums because he ate the last pepper and we were out of peppers.)

I would love to not care, but he's pretty much intolerable.  Well, I'm sure eventually he'll get used to it and do something else intolerable, instead.


  1. 1.) That tumblr has provided me with so much entertainment. I have shown it to everyone. Including Kiddo's teachers at daycare. Everyone finds that particular picture hilarious. Because it's true.

    2.) Kiddo is only 21 months. Bug is (I think) ~3.5. Does this mean I have another 1.5 years of this particular insanity?

    1. 1) I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

      2) Bug is !@$%ing FOUR. I'll let you know if it ever ends. Tatoe (17 months) does the same damn thing. I harbor the vain hope that when he's more understandable (what IS a bubb-bll-leeeeg anyways?) he'll be less contrary. SIGH.

  2. WOW! Were you actually looking in the windows at my house when you wrote this?! My four year-old is EXACTLY the same right now and the two-year old isn't much better. I have nothing helpful to say, but am glad that it isn't just a disaster at my house!

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    EGAD. I can hardly wait until we reach that stage.

    1. I'm sure your children will be full of sweetness and light, and that I'm doing it Wrong All Wrong. Or something.

  4. It ends at 4.5. Mostly. At least it has with C1, he is generally pleasant and helpful, and only has the infinite sadness when tired or hungry. Having him gone most days at kindergarten helps, too :)

  5. Anonymous3:37 PM

    It is unfortunately. I really only get to spend a few hours a day with my kids, and they both crave time with me. From the moment I walk in the door at 6pm, they are ON ME. It's the two of them and the dog all clamoring for my attention/affection.

    Considering bed time is 8pm, when the eldest (almost 3.5yo) is in a foul mood, the only time I get to spend with her during any given day is filled with tantrums and yelling and timeouts and fighting.

    I hate it. I miss her when I'm at work, and it's miserable if the only time I get to be with her is when she's irrational and throwing tantrums.

    It's enough to make me want to go back to work.


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