Saturday, April 13, 2013

Add It To the List...

... of Can't be friends with people who: think Monsanto is evil because all GMO everything is BAD and untested and who knows what making it glyphosate-resistant in the leaves might do to your sweet baby.

(Just to be clear, I think Monsanto IS evil, and glyphosate resistance in unmodified things is becoming a big problem, and tons of herbicide and pesticide use is probably, overall not fantastic.  But I think these conditions have nothing to do with genetic modification in a lab, and everything to do with big business.)

(I also think GMO food could do with some more effective regulation, and people shouldn't be able to patent naturally occurring gene sequences, and medical centers should go ahead and implement e-prescribing of controlled substances already, because seriously?  Paper is more secure?  But nobody asked me.)


  1. Yes! Some people have no idea of the nuances of the GMO situation. It's infuriating.

  2. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Seriously. I have several smart friends who seem to be completely unaware or willfully ignorant in this regard.

    My mom's group/book club has a rabid "organic only for me and the kids, let my husband eat the cheap conventionally farmed stuff" mom. She was hosting book club and actually chose "Label It Now" (the book from the "Just Label It" group, proceeds of which finance their political agenda).

    In the comments for the event on the meet up page, I posted a link to this:

    All the other moms were pulling me aside at other events asking what I thought of the book.

    Thankfully, she changed books and chose something else. I think she didn't want to argue about it.

    I was relieved because I really didn't want to alienate all/some of them by being all 'science-y" and stuff.


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