Thursday, May 24, 2012

I had a mind, and then I lost it.

Dear readers, I must bid you a temporary farewell.  In addition to my normal round of nursing, breakfast, nursing, naps, playgroup, outings, groceries, cleaning, sewing, nursing, and so on, summer is Working Season.  I will be:

Renovating the bathroom
Weed-killing and completely replanting two large beds
Going to PA for a week
Staying here while Dr. S takes Bug to OH
Visiting with my sister for two weeks
Repainting the house with my dad
Fixing the synagogue's torah covers
Sewing various household goods (shower curtain, etc.) 
Spring-cleaning the house (get this stuff out!)
Helping run the shul's membership committee
Taking care of the new website I just designed (for my moms' group; not that interesting, I promise)
Hopefully child-swapping with the lovely Nicole
Teaching Bug his numbers
.... and anything else I can think of.

See you in July. 


  1. Happy to help, I'm looking forward to starting my slow season, and catching up on housework!

  2. Phew, that sounds like a lot of stuff, but I hope you'll have some good times with family and friends.


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