Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Never Leaving My House Again

Or, a brief summary (although it is not July) of why I never travel with my children:  IT SUCKED.

(The slightly longer version: our small airport doesn't fly us directly to, oh, ANYWHERE we want to go.  Four hours in Hopkins?  No nap?  Teething and an ear infection? AAAAAAH.)

Meanwhile, Dr. S took apart  the bathroom and discovered:
1) The walls behind the tub were sheetrock...
2) ...which had molded...
3) ...and rotted out several studs.
4) The valve inside the wall was obsolete....
5) ...and didn't fit with any modern fixtures...
6) ...therefore requiring sawing off and replacement...
7) ...with soldering, which he doesn't know how to do.

Fortunately, his coworker M, who lives nearby, volunteered M's poor spouse, who solders all the time! for fun and at work! and who spent from 8:30-11:30 last Friday night fixing our fucking plumbing.

I think I owe them, like, a napoleon with homemade pâte feuilletée or something.  Chocolate Babka?  Homemade ice cream sandwiches? (The spouse doesn't care for cake.)


  1. Sorry to hear about the rotten (literally) bathroom, and equally rotten traveling. I hope you and the kids enjoyed your visit, though!

  2. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Good call on the staying home, except isn't it kind of nice that you missed the plumbing fandango?

    Anyway, definitely stay home now that it's fixed.

  3. Oh, anticipated plumbing fiascos were WHY we left the house. Plus, we only have one tub/shower, so there would be No Washing Of Anyone for a week, which sounded... not good.

    Will post a picture once we get all the racks up and so on. It's lovely.


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