Friday, February 10, 2012


Fun, sparkly, and pretty, or an oppressive tool of the patriarchy?  I CAN'T DECIDE.

(Of course, as a good Southerner, I wear skirts and dresses and hats and scarves and earrings and all. Somehow, my sticking point is makeup.  And comfortable shoes.)


  1. An older male colleague once told a female colleague of mine that he was happy to see her wearing makeup because most academic women were so dowdy and unconcerned with their appearances.

    I suppose it's probably both of the above...

  2. If it makes you feel good, then definitely the former. If you do it to solely get attention of men, then the latter.

  3. For me, it is a matter of personal expression (by wearing eye makeup I get to start the day with a little artwork - makes me feel better!). I also feel better when I wear it, and was raised in a culture (Eastern Europe) where most women wore eye makeup outside the house, it always makes me feel a little more special.

  4. Lisa C.9:08 PM

    most days i dont bother but do like wearing it for special things- makes me feel more professional. i agree with others when you do it for yourself its not oppressive but if its for others or bc you feel pressured to "be" a certain way than it is


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