Thursday, February 09, 2012

Happy Birthday To Us

Two days ago:

Dr. S:  We can't take the earned income tax credit.
Me: But we qualify?
Dr. S: Except my stipend is 'unearned income'.  Sheep@#$%ers.
Me: Oh, and we have to go to the DMV tomorrow.  Our licenses expire this week.
Dr. S: [Unprintable].


Dr. S:  I finished! We don't owe any taxes.
Me: You mean we overpaid and we're getting a refund?
Dr. S: No.  We owe the feds ZERO dollars in taxes this year.  We paid them $$$$ and they are paying us back $$$$.
Me: .... well, that's just depressing.  Although!  Now we can pay the exterminator!*


Dr. S and I are a combined total of 65.  (We'll only be 64 separately.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

(It is also my sister Prudence's birthday.  She is 22.) 

*Mice.  In the attic.  Dozens of mice.  The only things I hate more than mice are spiders.


  1. 1. Isn't it weird that post doc stipends are "unearned income"? Seriously, what is it then, investment income? Charity?!
    2. The DMV on University and Segoe gets you through really quickly if you go in the morning. The people working at 10 AM we're even quite pleasant to me and little running child with me. DO NOT go at 3:00 PM or later!
    3. Of course you don't owe any taxes! Two kids, you at home, and post-doc salary. Nuff said.
    4. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day:)
    (Sorry to hear about the mice, that's not cool.)

    1. 1) We get a letter every year informing us it is "not given in consideration of work performed." Clearly, it's for my husband's pretty face.
      2) That's where we went! 8:30 AM! 15 minutes! It was minimally awful.
      4) Thanks! It was okay. Then Dr. S got food poisoning from our birthday date. Oops.

      I think the mice are well on their way to demise. The exterminator guarantees they'll all be DEDD soon. Thank heavens.


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