Monday, January 16, 2012


I have mentioned it... apparently once before: I have a mild dyslexia where I switch digits, and cannot see the difference.  (I think it's not dyscalculia because it's mainly a morbid fear of dealing with investments, and an inability to correctly write down phone numbers.)  It's worst with four-digit numbers.

The weirdest part?  I didn't notice until I was twenty-five and sharing accounts with my spouse.  Before that, I thought I was just worse than the average bear at balancing checkbooks.

(This is prescheduled.  My computer still ails.)


  1. Funny, I have the same thing. Mine also extends to mixing up left and right, being a horrible speller and reeeaaaalllyyy bad at times tables (all of which are clearly not necessary skills to be successful in science).

    The other day I was telling my husband I found out the address of the temporary house some friends moved to, of course I promptly forgot it and remembered that it was either 26 or 27 for the first number and 45 or 54 for the second part :)

  2. I didn't realize it had a real name. I do that exact same as well. It absolutely drives my mother (an accountant) nuts that I have such trouble with phone numbers.

    OTOH, I can spell like a champ. Sometimes I don't even have to know the word - just something about it LOOKS wrong.

  3. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I am the world's best speller (seriously, I used to proof-read for a living). Which is weird, because I come from a family of dyslexics. On the other hand, I was 11 before I learnt my alphabet, I still cannot for the LIFE of me do mental arithmetic, and if you ask me to spell something I have to write it down first and then read it back to you. But I can spot an error at 100 paces from a galloping horse. It turns out, I don't read words letter by letter, but all-in-one, as if they were pictograms (so, obviously, a misplaced or wrong letter stands out like, well, like a giant wall me and my galloping horse are crashing right into). Because I AM dyslexic. I am so damn' cool...

  4. money brings out the worst in my math skills, which are otherwise fairly respectable. i memorize numbers very easily (when i worked in a box office, i had to be careful not to let patrons know i didn't need them to repeat their CC numbers if the sale didn't go through, because i could just remember them), and i did well in calculus. but if my box office colleagues needed to pad their hours for the day, they always had me count the drawer, because i could be depended on messing it up at least twice.

  5. Brains are very peculiar things, clearly. All the crossed wiring.

    (I- no joke- won the state spelling championship in high school. TWICE. The first time was kind of by accident... I was so embarrassed. Plus there were all these kids hauling around dictionaries - bigger nerds than me, clearly- and I kind of wandered off after the actual spelling part and missed the awards and apparently they were all thoroughly cheesed off.)

  6. Not sure what happened to your post about kitchen pans... I clicked the link from my Google reader and it said it couldn't be found. Anyway i have had this set for 7 years and they are pretty great. Very sturdy but not as heavy (or expensive) as the super-duper brands.

  7. Robin- thanks! What happened is broken computer plus baby saying "Where's the milk, MILK LADY???" I was considering that set... the only drawback is our dairy frying pan is from that set and this set is for meat (weird religious complications! I KNOW!). They look pretty good though. My el cheapo last set was good for a decade!


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