Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In Which I Was Going To Whine At Great Length

Then I decided, I can summarize my whinyness in a few points:


2) I have fucking RINGWORM on my leg, and some weird itchy rash of six months' duration on my boobs.  (Diagnosis from midwives: Here, have some steroid cream.) Still better than thrush, but WTF.

3) My spouse Bug-wrangles when he gets home.  I hold the baby for hours.  We each resent the other.

4) I have not returned to the midwives because a) I've had enough medical appointments with a toddler to last a lifetime and b) I have no plans to use those parts any time soon.  For anything.

5) I long for an hour- possibly two!- without either of my children.  Preferably in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a trashy novel, but, at a minimum?  NOT AT THE DENTIST.  Where I have to go again next week.


  1. Oh man...this brought me back to the early infant days. Whine it out if you need too! Ring worm? Blech. Evan got ring worm on his face at about two months. It did go away with yeast-infection cream! LOL!

  2. I fail to understand why dentistry can't involve more wine. they could squirt it in with that little water pic.


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