Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In Which I Complain About My In-Laws

My in-laws are retired with no pets, small children, or elderly persons for whom they are responsible. My FIL is mild and inoffensive but does not prevent the Crazy.  My MIL has spent her entire life in two small towns as a teacher, but cannot admit that Dr. S or I know anything, or have had any different experiences.  (Her: "All employers are like that about parental leave."  Dr. S:  "One, you quit your job when I was born, and two, J's [large, industry] employer emailed her once while on leave, to ask what day she'd be back.")


At first they said they wouldn't visit when Little Bit was born.  In October.  You know, because it might snow.  (Unlike in OHIO where it never snows, or RURAL WEST VIRGINIA, where they were last week.)  Okay, fine, whatever.

Then they called on Wednesday and said "Hey, we're coming on Friday!"  And I had a fit.  One, my mom, who is not retired, had arranged, four months in advance, to take three weeks of vacation and come.  Two, Friday was his bris.  Three, two days' notice???

Dr. S said "Er... another day?"  Friday, they said. "Monday?"  Friday.  I had another fit and said, any day but Friday, or a divorce, darling.  He called them back and said, "I'll be on leave starting Tuesday!  How about you come then?"  A doctor's appointment, they said.  (This could have been prevented by planning in advance, I said.)  "After that!"  It might snow, they said.  So they're not coming.  And we are not going there (twelve hours in a car with two small children; think Sartre).  And it's just sad. 

They're like two-year-olds: if thwarted, they must throw a tantrum.  Their way or not at all.  But we're adults, it's our family, and they can live with it or... live with it.

P.S.  It still has not snowed here.


  1. Tim's sisters have seen Dale Jr exactly twice. Once was for their grandmother's funeral. Yes, they live 7 hours away... but the road goes both ways. Neither of them have a job (outside the home), and all of their kids are school age or out of the house, which means the ones who are still in the house have the summer off. They have traveled other places, but it's "too big of an expense" to come here. (They would stay with Tim's dad...)

    The J-man doesn't travel well anyway, and though we try not to "play the autism card" (eyes roll wildly!) it absolutely factors in.

    Yes. I understand.

  2. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I know. I know. My parents (retired, live relatively nearby, frequent travellers to all sorts of exotic locations) have zero interest in seeing my kids. Like, ever.

  3. I'm sure you'll end up paying the price one way or another, but HURRAH! NOT COMING! Also, let me know if you need me to KILL THEM, as I am conveniently located, I think.

  4. PARENTS! Can't live with 'em, can't feed them to the wolves.

    (My parents are perfect.)

    Bunny, I appreciate the offer, but I fear it would grieve my spouse.


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